Rabbi dates are one of the best cultivars of this product. These dates have a thin skin, bright color from other dates. It has a lot of juice, it has a little moisture and has a small nucleus. These dates are the product of Iran's warm and dry areas.


"This product is not the earliest variety of dates in Iran."




* The color of this dark brown product is black. Its color is red and it is also slightly green.
* Carrying this product is easier than other types of dates and does not need to be kept in the cold store.




The cookies of this date are somewhat less than the "Mazafati" date. It has a good flavor and is prettier than the dates of "Mazafati" before it is semi-dry.
Rabbit dates are a popular palm tree product that is typically pre-sold before production. These dates are also known as industrial products. Its products include: juice, date sugar, chocolate, lavash, cookie and some beverages.

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