With the availability of quality resources and diverse products, "Business Dates" began its work in 2016, focusing on the production, packaging and export of the product on demand by customers.

The supply of fresh, high quality and reasonable prices is one of the reasons why our customers have chosen "business dates" to continue working with us.

From the beginning of the activity, it is possible for customers to order their desired product with custom packaging. "Dates of Business" is trying to provide a good quality packaging, tailor made and customized. For our customers, there is also the possibility to order a product with the customer's brand.

That's why we are proud that our customers can easily benefit from our services with every taste and taste.

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"TRADING DATES" have been started with the aim of introducing the authentic dates of Persian products and products related to it. Our abundant services and services for the supply and supply of high quality products and reasonable prices are in the service of our dear customers.

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